Restoring My Own Sanity

Sometimes being able to ‘unplug’ is exactly what I need to recharge my motivation. This past weekend I did just that. Adam and I headed up to DC to attend the “Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear”. I use to live in DC so ti was great visiting and meeting up with old friends and just exploring the city.

I tweeted maybe 1 or 2 times the entire weekend. My laptop never came on, and I actually didn’t randomly browse my RSS feed or facebook until I got back home in Montgomery. It was pretty close to unplugging from the internet…

…Ok I couldn’t get on twitter or SMS for the entire rally because the network was overloaded. But it was more of a desire to truly ‘share’ something special happening rather than habitually check the net.

In any case, I think much clearer after being away from a computer for a few days. I certainly don’t stop thinking about work but it definitely helps me reflect on upcoming tasks and projects much more clearly and with a clearer ‘big picture’. Sometimes I’m so close to the monitor and keyboard I have a hard time standing back and looking at where I’m going.

I should maybe do this more often…

The downside? While being mentally recharged I’m still somewhat physically ‘recovering’ from the late nigh traveling :p. If you’re wanting a few minutes of amusement, check out my flickr gallery of some of the humorous signs I saw at the rally. More general pictures I took of the rally can be found here.

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