Flavors of Farseer…and new Module!

So far feedback has been great on Farseer.BMX working in Blitzmax. Some users have tested Farseer.BMX on Linux and Mac and it works without a hitch. Farseer.BMX is officially cross-platform between Windows, Linux, and Mac! That’s great news seeing how widely available the Farseer engine is becoming. It’s now available on:

  • Windows
    • C# – XNA
    • C# – Silverlight
    • Blitzmax
  • XBox 360
    • C# – XNA
  • Linux
    • Blitzmax
  • Mac
    • Blitzmax
  • Your Toaster
    • ???

I’m curious if Jeff has any plans on bringing it to Zune…hehe.

The main reason I’m posting an update is to let everyone know that the download for Farseer.BMX has been updated to include a ‘module’ version of Farseer for those that like to have all their code in ‘module’ format for easy use across projects. So if you were wishing for a module version of Farseer.BMX, you’re wish is granted and you can go ahead and re-download the package. The package contains the original source layout for those, like me, who like to have all their library source code next to their game code, and additionally a farseerModule.zip that you can extract to your “Blitzmax/mod/” folder.

So with the module installed you can now just do this in your code…

Import aco.farseerphysics
‘Weeeee physics….!

… and off you go!

Please let me know if you run into any issues with the module.

*…wonders how he’s going to get up tomorrow morning for class….*


  1. Hohoo Much more impressive when you set a higher time step !
    Except for the stress demo 8, everything run very very slow (like 5 fps). Maybe it’s because this demo do something with the _dt variable.
    But the rest still run at the same speed of 100 fps.
    I like the fluid simulation when i’s quicker ^^

  2. Thanks for putting it in a module version… i never knew hw to actually use it when it wasnt like that lol, DLing now

  3. Awesome!

    Yea with the larger time step and with such a cramped space, more object interactions happen per step hence the slow-down. The fixed time-step logic isn’t perfect either.

  4. Hey, me again… Ive made my own functions in a new file and wanted to know if it would corrupt anything if i imported it into the DemoLib.bmx rather than all of my projects? Its just a few things like

    Function Friction(X:TGeom, Y:Float)
    End Function

    Also, how do i make my own Polygons?

  5. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like it’d break anything. Although doesn’t that function you posted seem a bit redundant?

    As for creating polygons, my latest post I hope helps illustrate how you go about doing that

  6. I just find it easier to remember that rather than
    body.SetPosition(Vector2.Create(100, 200)… And i had found out how to do polygons with a little trial and error, was trying to do:
    Vert:Vertices = New Vertices
    Like you do on C# but its TVertices for Blitzmax lol

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