[New Blitzmax Entry] I can't believe I was driven to do this…

So I got my code archive up and with its first entry:

New Blitzmax Code Module: Animation Strip Compiler 

 Hope you enjoy it.  Been doing alot of work lately on getting the site to accomodate me in posting code modules and examples both in C# and blitzmax. I think I might write a Blitzmax highlighter for GeSHi over the weekend. From what I’ve seen there currently isn’t a Blitzmax langauge file for GeSHi. There’s already a blitzbasic one, but it seems rather limited. Plus once its done that’s just another language GeSHi supports :). I’ll post the highlighter source when it’s complete.

In other news, while I was out to lunch…

…I’m was standing there looking at the wall. Wondering if I should take the ‘plunge’ or not. I decided to go for it. I slowly lift it from its resting place and wander to the front once again. The cashier looks at me and says, “That’ll be 28.31.” She prints the receipt and puts my newly bought used copy of Halo 2 into a small plastic bag. Some people are driven to steal, rob, and even kill their fellow brethen. I am driven to play FPS games on a console. It’s a sad fate. Without a decent competitive-oriented game out in the last several months (for the PC or Xbox360), I’ve been driven to search in the backlogs of gaming for something new to experience. Have I ever played Halo 2? Oh yes, but never over any extended period of time or any depth. I’ve been searching high and low for game that has plenty of depth, skill-based, and a decently sized player-base to play and/or compete against. Unfortunately, every game I’ve played so far for the 360 has fallen under ‘semi-casual’ (with the exception of DOA4) and I loose interest in it a month or so later. I hear Halo 2 has a great single player, multiplayer, lots of depth/strategy, and a ‘decently’ (heh) sized player-base. So far I’m just going off of hear-say. So in the coming weeks I’ll see if Halo 2 really is as great as it claims to be. Hopefully, this will hold me over until something on the PC drives me back to my FPS roots (Quake Wars anyone?!).


  1. Ahoy!
    Good choice in game if I do say so myself. Although, buying halo 2 and actrually sitting down to play it are two different things. I have not had the willpower to take halo2 out of the case. I do plan on playing it someday. but for now im saving it for a rainy day.

  2. Hey nice blog :). Was searching for Geshi Blitzmax. Looks like your the only person that mentioned writing a bmax filter.

    Just wondering if you got anywhere with it?

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